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At Artisan Grains we believe that natural foods form the basis of healthy living; we exist to introduce more consumers to healthy grains, seeds and pulses, and to demystify, educate and encourage use.
Artisan Grains was developed in 2012 by our founder and healthy-food enthusiast Sam Jacobi, who was frustrated at the limited range of grains on the market and the lack of information available on the packaging. He wanted to be inspired at point of purchase with recipe ideas and knowledge on the health benefits, without having to resort to Google!
Sam and his team were already working with varieties of Couscous, and so set about developing a core range of grains and ‘good-for-you’ ingredients to offer consumers variety and convenience – from Greenwheat Freekeh, Multi-Grain Couscous and delicious Nut Roast Mixes to Chia Seeds and Quinoa Blends. Check out some of our recipe ideas, consumer feedback and pack sizes associated with the foodservice channel

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